Learn from The Woodsheep

Musicians, Songwriters, Educators.

The Woodsheep are touring recording artists, but they spend an equal amount of time in the classroom. All three primary members of The Woodsheep are trained at The Kentucky Center for Traditional Music in Morehead, Kentucky- a four year degree program leading to a Bachelor's of Arts in Traditional Music. In addition, Andrew received a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Morehead State University in 2015 with a focus on the research of music education and music evaluation and is currently completing an M.A. in Communications with a focus on theories of entertainment.

Private Lessons

Andrew offers one-on-one and group lessons on guitar, voice, piano, banjo, mandolin, bass, autoharp, fiddle, ukulele, harmonica, songwriting, home recording, and music theory. If you are interested in learning to play an instrument or studying a particular topic, please contact us for a lesson.

Songwriting Workshops

The Woodsheep offer a songwriting workshop. This is an hour long course focusing on musical composition, rhythm, and lyrical technique. The goal of the class is to highlight the unique quality of your personal writing style by reflecting on various techniques and exercises. The class can be tailored to a multitude of age groups and experience levels. Participants of the course will leave with the beginnings of at least one of their own original tunes. Extended courses can cover copyright and publishing, recording, and promotion. The course can function as a one-time only course, or as a series of classes (similar to the private lessons). We do travel to teach the songwriting workshop around the U.S. Inquire about pricing based on location via our contact page.

School Programs

We offer a school based program that focuses on teaching traditional Appalachian music in public or private school systems. These courses can be tailored to fit any age group K-12. We are able to work with approximately 20-25 children or adults at one time within the course, but schools are welcome to cycle class groups throughout the day to accommodate multiple groups. The focus of the class is to understand the history and development of Appalachian traditional music, the culture of Appalachian music, and different musical instruments and techniques. We also offer a variant general music appreciation course for younger children. All school-based performances will include family-friendly participatory songs to involve with children in the music. Inquire via our contact page about pricing and availability. 

International Cultural Exchange
Coupled with Kentucky musician Sarah Wood, we have traveled across the U.S. and internationally to perform and educate about Appalachian folk music and history, as well as cultivating a collection of folk music from people across the world. Inquire about international touring opportunities.