Featured in the 2015 International Bluegrass Music Association
World of Bluegrass Songwriter Showcase

"'Simplicity,' as defined by The Woodsheep, is not a lack of sophistication or nuance, but instead a determination to keep their focus uncluttered and clear in order to create rich musical palettes, as they have so successfully done with their debut release, Watching Mars."

“Make no mistake that [The Woodsheep] are the real deal. Their voices blend really well, and their songs are equally good: a rarity a la Everly Brothers. They restored my faith in music and hipster beards.” 

–The Outhouse Blog

"[The Woodsheep] are the Simon and Garfunkel of Kentucky." 
-Rosendale Cafe Guide,
Rosendale, NY

"One thing that is abundantly clear about The Woodsheep is how much they care about the quality of their performance."
-Tara Rueckert, Morehead State University 

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Phone: 606-548-3654 (Andrew Preston)
Email: thewoodsheepband@gmail.com

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Since The Woodsheep’s inception in the summer of 2015, frontman Andrew Preston’s songwriting – experimental, but rooted in the deepest wellsprings of traditional folk music – and their quirky live shows have become among the most recognizable mainstays of central Appalachia’s burgeoning indie scene. Among their hallmarks: soaring harmonies, offbeat instrumentation, literarily dense lyrics steeped in folk storytelling tradition, all balanced by a healthy penchant for the absurd. With over 600 shows in 4 countries and two full-length records in only 3 years, Preston, Melissa Caskey, Matt Holleran, and a collective of other musicians have spilled over the confines of folk music convention by shoring up their own roots. Learn More.

Featured Music Videos

Same Old Love Songs


Live Simply

60 Stories High - LIVE

The Left Cat

Sun On My Side - LIVE


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